The New Norm

Few months ago, in the old world, before the pandemic hits, the retail industry experts were looking for ways to replace the overused expressions “digital transformation”, “digital advantage” and “customer experience” with other creative words. Why? Simply, because it sounded old, just a useless hype and many started to consider this as a merely crying … More The New Norm

Modern Application Architecture and Java

Introduction Modern day web applications are increasingly under pressure to provide a richer user experience. Usually those applications start with the ability to support hundreds of concurrent users with few thousands concurrent requests or calls per day, however that could increase to millions if the venture proved to be successful. In such a case, the … More Modern Application Architecture and Java

JPA Error-Handling for the Play Framework Asynchronous Setup

This is valid for the Play Framework 2.8 Release Introduction Recently, Play Framework added asynchronous processing for blocking operations. JPA operations are generally I/O intensive and is it is one of those blocking operations that Play is recommending to process asynchronously. Play does so, by using Java “CompletionStage” interface and the “CompletableFuture” Future implementation which … More JPA Error-Handling for the Play Framework Asynchronous Setup